Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ron Paul, Gingrich, and Gold Money

I was going to write a long, boring blog on the Gold Standard that Newt and Ron Paul are talking about.  Instead, I made a long, slightly less boring video on it.  Basically, some Republicans/Tea Partiers/Libertarians are supporting a return to the Gold Standard for no reason, other than their general distrust of the "Guv'mint".  Let me go on record as totally distrusting ALL politicians, left, right, center, and libertarian.  But, while I buy into the INCOMPETENCE of the US government, I don't get the active hatred or conspiracy theories.

Look, I also  admit that I am not one of the few experts on how the Gold Standards used to work 40-80 years ago before I was born.  However, what I do know tells me that these standards were abandoned for good reasons.

See my YouTube video for more.